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Good marketing requires catchy slogans, impressive websites,
comparative advertising ...

In order to have a lead over your competitors in advertising, on top of  a winning market appearance, a clear legal strategy is required. You need to be in a position to consciously select your standpoint within the framework of do's and dont's of unfair competition law. How do you advertise promotions and sweepstakes legally in social media? How do you get full release for photographs or content of customers? What are the legal requirements for comparisons of your products with those of your competitors? What is the risk involved with specific advertising measures and how should you react face to warning letters or even lawsuits in Austria? What are the legal requirements in the design of your internet presence and which information has to be provided? Etc., etc...


schmid-ip provides you with costumized and competent legal advice which adapts to the individual needs of your company. 


  • Unfair competition and advertising law

  • Internet presence and websites

  • Social Media Marketing

  • E-Commerce

  • Information law and media law

  • Data protection law

  • Telecommunication law

  • Contract law 

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